EVOLV 1200


EVOLV  1200 is the go to product for those everyday aches. Especially if you’re athletic and enjoy working out. Whether it’s weight lifting , cycling , running or just a nice walk. Bring back the joy of these activities and say goodbye to dealing with arthritic conditions that hold you back  from life’s daily pleasures.

This is the product that  started the EVOLV journey. 

With 1000mg of CBD and 200mg of CBC, this relief cream is also great for use before working out! Our customers say it is especially useful for relaxing muscles to avoid strained or pulled muscles.

From Relief Leaf CBD

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Apply cream using a dime size amount for relief in the desired area. Rub vigorously for a minimum of 30 – 60 seconds. Product is activated by friction between hands and outer layers of your skin for the product to soak into the particular area for relief. May be applied as often as desired.

List of ingredients:   

Beeswax / Distilled Water / Mango Butter / Coconut Oil / Olive Oil / Emu Oil / Jojoba Oil / Argan Oil / Kokum Butter / Arnica Oil / Lavender Oil / Lemongrass Oil / Peppermint Oil / Wintergreen Oil / Pomegranate Seed Oil / Copaiba Oil / Tea Tree Oil / Cypress Oil / Basil Oil / Marjoram Oil / Elemi Oil / Thyme Oil / Oregano Oil / 1000mg CBD / 200mg CBC / 50mg CBN  Hemp Terpenes / Polysorbate 80 /  * Optiphen Plus /  [ * Preservative ]


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EVOLV – 1200