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Thomas Lorber

Tom is founder and developer of Evolv Topical’s creams and oils.

A Message from Donavan McNabb

EVOLV Impresses the CBD Industry with Top-Tier Selection of Plant-Based Wellness Products

Following the rising acceptance and use of CBD products thanks to government approvals and the increase in demand for pain and sleep medication, the CBD industry has grown to unprecedented heights. Its popularity has invited countless ventures and entrepreneurs, and now, the space is saturated with those vying for the attention of a consumer base that’s highly particular about quality. 

Despite the competition, EVOLV has managed to rise through the ranks and gain the patronage of customers across several states, doing so under the guidance of highly accomplished entrepreneur Tom Lorber. Known for its passion for bringing the best plant-based wellness products, EVOLV has stayed true to the motto that perfectly encapsulates what it is as a company from the get-go: a brand above. Amid a sea of other CBD product providers, it has succeeded in staying afloat because of its reliance on science and utilization of the highest quality hemp compounds in the market. At the heart of EVOLV is a line of offerings that are 100% plant-based and handcrafted. Before hitting the shelves and being made available to the public, its signature creams, serums, oils, and more go through over two years of research and development. 

Another major factor that allowed this brainchild of Tom’s vision to build a solid reputation, as well as its refusal to conform to the norms. “Other companies that sell CBD products do not manufacture their creams and oils,” “Instead, they purchase premade gels and creams from wholesale cosmetic manufacturers in bulk containers and then send them out to an extracting facility to be infused with CBD.” without having the correct natural delivery systems. 

The attention that EVOLV pays toward ensuring that each of its products can deliver its promise is grounded in the understanding that quality plays a critical role in effectively promoting wellness. Additionally, its all-out approach is a manifestation of the commitment Tom has toward helping people deal with chronic pain and inflammation. Having suffered from his fair share of aches, Tom is highly cognizant of the long string of perks that come along with every CBD product. 

Before he dipped his toes in the industry, he owned and operated one of the most successful marine repair businesses on the Hudson River. The years he spent repairing boats and yachts, along with the time he dedicated to a variety of sports, such as football, wrestling, track and field, and judo, left him with injuries and knees that were candidates for a complete knee replacement surgery. 

A business meeting in Colorado heralded the beginning of Tom’s journey toward the CBD space. After he was given a tin of ointment to rub onto his swelling knee, he came to realize the comfort and pain-free experience that cannabidiol offers. This realization then influenced the decision to launch EVOLV. Currently, EVOLV is at the forefront of the CBD scene in Colorado and Florida, boasting manufacturing facilities of over several thousand square feet. 

Under the leadership of Tom Lorber, the trusted CBD product provider is set to climb its way to the top as it continues to develop and engineer pain relief and anti-inflammatory creams, anti-aging serums, eye serums, and other cannabinoid-based products formulated to foster health.