Tom Lorber,

The Entrepreneur and Wellness Enthusiast Behind the Rise of Go-To CBD Product Provider EVOLV

While it’s inarguable that the success of a venture can be credited to its ability to meet the needs of a market and the extent to which its products and services manage to stand out amid competition, it is also undeniable that the rise of any business is thanks to the people at its helm. 

The strategic leadership of a company’s founders, in particular, can spell the difference between success and failure. 

Tom Lorber, the mind behind an acclaimed wellness brand, has emerged as an impressive force in the cannabidiol industry for putting EVOLV in the spotlight. 

Currently gaining traction for its selection of CBD products, EVOLV operates under the overarching mission to deliver the best plant-based wellness products designed to help people deal with chronic pain and inflammation as well as reverse the signs of aging. Its all-out efforts to develop and engineer nothing but the best of formulations are in line with the vision of Tom to build a brand that’s above the rest. 

Boasting years of experience in the cannabis industry and an intimate understanding of the power of natural ingredients in promoting health and wellness, Tom first made his mark in another field. He started his first business at the age of forty when he established a fiberglass repair company in New Jersey. 

Given his work ethic and commitment to providing top-tier service to clients, it did not take long for his brainchild to transform into the largest yacht repair facility on the Hudson River. However, Tom would soon find himself changing careers not only because of his relocation to Florida but also due to his injuries from being an athlete and the years he spent working on boats. Suffering from severe swelling and discomfort in his knees and projected to undergo a complete knee replacement surgery, the go-getter joined a business gathering in Colorado – a meeting that would introduce him to the value CBD products can bring to the table and open his eyes to the benefits topical applications have on people dealing with aches, ailments, and skin conditions. 

Today, Tom has come a long way from that meeting in Colorado. Fueled by the goal of providing true relief from the very same conditions that made life difficult for him so many years ago, he launched EVOLV, a highly successful brand that now has over several thousand square feet of manufacturing facilities. 

Since its launch, EVOLV has satisfied countless customers with its plant-based wellness products, including pain relief and anti-inflammatory creams, anti-aging serums, and eye serums formulated for the best delivery and performance of cannabinoids to the human body. Its creams, sprays, and oils were created without using menthol, alcohol, or any other harsh chemicals that harm the skin. In the years to come, the CBD space is expected to witness an influx of more ventures and entrepreneurs who wish to secure their own position in the industry. 

But even in the face of this inundation, EVOLV is set to remain a trusted provider of wellness products because of its science-backed offerings and the expertise and passion of its founder, Tom Lorber.