EVOLV Ageless Body Cream


The Premier Luxury Body Cream on the market today!  

This is not some run of the mill Body Butter that ‘floats’ on your skin or the same old greasy gel that most companies want you to think is good for your skin.

This body cream moisturizes naturally while at the same time fully absorbing into your skin to battle free radicals.

Packed with over 3000mg of hemp extract makes this body cream the top tier hemp topical available. This body cream is one of our top sellers because of the results seen by our customers.

For best results use in the evening after your makeup cleanse.

From Relief Leaf CBD

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Use finger tip size amounts of cream and apply to body as wanted to help rejuvenate skin as needed.


Beeswax / Mango Butter / Distilled Water / Kokum Butter / Jojoba Oil / Dragon Fruit Oil / Borage Seed Oil / Cucumber Seed Oil / Pomegranate Seed Oil /  Kukui Nut Oil / Clary Sage Oil / Turmeric Oil / Geranium Oil / Helichrysum Oil / Neroli  Oil / Frankincense Oil / Lavender Oil /  Bergamot Oil / Lemongrass Oil / Chamomile Oil / Marjoram Oil / Vitamin E Polysorbate 80 /  1000mg CBD / 1500mg CBG / 500mg CBC / 50mg CBN /


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EVOLV – Ageless Body Cream